Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Zoe's Trip to South Africa

My trip to South Africa
July 2013
by Zoe Kerr Le Grange

I left Wellington really early at 3am in the morning.I flew to Sydney for 2 nights. My Uncle, my 2 Auntys and my baby cousin Levi lives there too. So, we went to their apartment and after those two nights ,we went to the airport and flew to South Africa. It was a 15 HOUR FLIGHT to Port Elizabeth (PE).I stayed there for one week. We stayed at a very fancy motel. I met lots of cousins. My favourite one was Raquel.

After that, we went to Johannesburg (Jo'burg) city, which is a one hour flight from PE.I stayed there for 3 weeks with my cousins Kirsty and Deena. Kirsty and I were going to go to Gold Reef City theme park but it was closed on Mondays on Tuesdays. We were busy on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so we couldnt go. So instead of Gold Reef City, we decided to go to the zoo which had these awesome rides. The first ride we went on was called 'The Shells'. When you look in front of you it looks like you are going to crash into the one in front and the one behind, but you just miss it. It goes very fast. The other ride is a swing ride where you sit in the swing. You swing up and around. It was scary but I had so much fun. Then we saw some lions and a statue of a famous gorilla called Max. Once he was shot by some intruders and he captured them until the police came.

We went to Pilanesburg Game Reserve where lots of amazing wild animals live. We saw some Zebras,Lions,Elephants, Giraffes, Vildebeast, Hyenas and rabbits. Beside Pilanesburg, is a theme park/mall called Sun City. Inside there is a man made beach called the Valley of Waves. There are lots of rides like a very steep slide and a river you can travel in. You can ride in giant bubbles. The water was freezing cold!!

In every meal besides breakfast we ate lots and lots and lots of meat! I really loved my trip and meeting all my South African cousins. I met 20 of them but there are more to meet next time I go back. I also had my birthday in South Africa. It was so much fun.I cant wait to go back again!!
Its really nice to be back in New Zealand and to see all my friends again!

written by Zoe

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  1. Well written Zoe, and we will definately go back to South Africa for a visit... Love Mum!