Thursday, 8 August 2013

Ocean Puzzle by Max and Rory

One  day before school me and my brother Rory started to make lots of little sea  animal puzzles about the ocean. My brother made three puzzles and I made five. First we cut out three little pieces of paper. On one piece we drew sea animals, the second the name of creature, on the last piece we wrote a description about that creature. We did that for 8 different animals. You have to match all 3 pieces that go together. 

What inspired you to make this game Max?

Our inquiry topic which is about the ocean and coastlines. I thought it would help me learn about did sea animals.

Have you played it with anyone in the class?

Not yet.

Do you usually create your own games?

Yes, sometimes because I have lots of fun doing it and a good imagination.

 Written by Max



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  1. Hi Max, This was really a cool idea and I especially liked the way you involved Rory and helped him with the activity and learning facts about sea animals - Your Mum