Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Special Visitor: Gregory O'Brien

We were very lucky to have Holly's uncle Gregory O'Brien come in on Tuesday and talk to us about what he does and loves about art.

We learnt that he loves maps and likes to draw them on the front and back covers of his books. He was inspired as a child by the maps in the Lord of the Rings books. He loves books in general and likes to mix words and pictures together in his art. He has co-authored books and written a couple of books himself. He is not only an artist but a poet and writer. He inspired us to follow our dreams and to use our imagination when we draw. We don't always need to make our drawings look realistic .

Gregory inspired us to create some new creatures from our imagination. They had to represent us in some way, either how we looked, acted or felt. This is what we came up with:

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  1. You're very welcome Rochelle.
    What a great class of young people.
    Send my congratulations and thanks to all of them!