Thursday, 9 May 2013

Room 8's Moment in Time about crosscountry

We had our school cross country on Thursday. We all tried our best and had some fun. Here are some "Moments in time" from cross country.

My heart was racing after every tree root I tripped on. My breath was hissing louder than the crowd cheering me on. My feet were moving faster than the tops of my shoe laces. I couldn't count how many opponents were in front of me because my eyes were filled with water.

I can hear lots of people cheering. I see people in front running and running. I see the hot burning faces after running. I hear lots of people talking to others. I can hear the air coming out of my mouth as I  cheer them on. I feel my tired legs as I sit down to catch my breath. My heart beating slower and slower as I cool down.

I could hear everyone cheering on the little kids. I could hear the footsteps approaching the finish line, they were breathing loudly and heavily with fast beating hearts. They were racing to the finish line. I could see their chests pumping and their legs speeding towards the finish line.

I could feel the damp bush and I could hear footsteps on the ground. I could smell the bark of the trees. I could almost taste the hard ground. I could see the finishing chute. I shouted "Hooray".

My heart was beating and my feet were sloshing in the mud. I had no time to stop! I was so tired and there wasn't time to quit. I couldn't stop now. I was nearly there. Everyone was cheering for me. I did it.



  1. The kids from Room 312 May 2013 at 18:57

    Hi Room 8, fantastic stories. We loved how you described your cross country experiences. Sounds like you were very tired, but had a great time. Congratulations to those who got into the Eastern zones competition.

    And... a big THANKS for talking us over to Hataitai Park. You are the best buddy class ever!

    From room 3.

  2. you did not put up minn i put my book on your desk.

  3. What a wonderful lot of runners in room 8. I was standing at the top of the big hill as you came running up, its a quite a big hill isn't it? Great to see you all trying really hard to keep the pace up.

    Eastern Zones
    We had a practice run at Macalister Park with the room 8 boys over the weekend. There is going to be a lot of mud and more hills to run up and down, but I am sure you are all up to the challenge. I wanted to wish all the Eastern Zone competitors the best of luck on Wednesday. Rachel (Max's Mum)