Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Expert bloggers Mia and Lola

 W.A.L.T teach other students how to post on a blog.

Today Mia and Lola our expert bloggers went into Room 4 today and taught 2 students how to write something on their classroom blog.

What they taught them:
1. Where and how to write a title for their post
2. Next they showed and helped them write a short post about something that has been happening in their class.
3. Lastly they showed them how to attach an image to their post.

Skills that Lola and Mia used:
-  They were patient.
-  Gave clear and short instructions.
-  Helped with spelling and tricky words.

Action shots:

Great work experts.
Have a look on Room 4's blog to see what they wrote:


  1. Hi Lola and Mia!

    Great to know that you are using your expert skills on blogging to teach other students at Kilbirnie! I know that you both would have been great teachers.

    I hope your year is going well. Say hi to all the Kilbirnie Kids for me!

    Love Miss Lologa

  2. hi miss Lologa we all really missing you. We hope you are having a good time in the U.S.A. does your class have a blog? We wish that you could be here with us. How old are the kids in your class ?


    1. Hi Girls!

      I'm happy to hear from you both! I miss you too and Kilbirnie School. You have a really cool blog and I can't wait to show my class tomorrow! I'm having a great time over here especially teaching my class about New Zealand. My class really wants to come to New Zealand, we are definitely very lucky to have such a beautiful country.

      Please come and visit our blog at if you have time.

      Take care and keep up the great work with your blogging.

      Miss you all!
      Love Miss Lologa