Sunday, 24 February 2013

The stars of homework writing

Hi, I'm Daniella and I like colouring. I also like flowers, stickers and electronic things and lego aswell. My dislikes are.... nothing!

I am really good at swimming and gynmastics. My favourite thing is gym.

My family names are Nana, Papa, Uncle Johnny, Uncle Ben, Uncle Andy and Debbie. One interesting thing about me is I've got a pet fish named Goldy and Sylvie!

By Daniella

My name is Alex, it means "protector". I was born in Yorkshire, England and moved to New Zealand when I was 6. I came along with my sister. We like to play Lego and watch films with each other.

At home I have an axolotl called Toothless and a big golden dog called Archie. He likes to chase bouncing balls, which I throw for him. In my free-time I like to watch birds, it is something that I like to do with my Grandad.
By Alex

Great work Daniella and Alex : )


  1. I am super good at soccer.
    I ride my bike like a cheetah.
    I do butterfly like a dolphin.
    my art is so good, its like its alive.
    I like art so much that every day i like to practice it. There are lots of different types of art, so that keeps it interesting. I like doing pictures for my friends and family. We put my really good art up on the pinboard at home. max