Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The new school year has started

The first day of school is going well and what a fantastic group of students in room 8 this year.
Today we have been getting to know our classmates, learning to think "outside the square" to solve puzzles, thinking about what makes a good teacher as there are 29 teachers in Room 8 this year and lastly creating an image of ourselves.

Yes it has been a busy day.

Tomorrow (Friday) we are planning to go swimming in the school pool so we need to all bring our TOGS and put on sunscreen.

Here are 2 examples of puzzles we solved today: Can you show someone at home what you did? Or can you solve them?

TASK 1: Puzzling time
Start with the shape below. Move 2 sticks to make the time 4:30

Solution: This is what it should look like. What sticks did you move? How did you do it?


Arrange 8 sticks to form a fish swimming left as shown in the picture below.

Move 3 sticks to make the fish swim to the right.

Solution: It should look like this (below). What did you do?


  1. to room 8 I love the pictures

    from SK

  2. At Waiterere I went to the dairy on my bike with a friend to get some lollies and icecream everyday. We went by ourselves. It was scary the first time I went. Max

  3. room 8 is #1. the pictures look fantastic

    from Athena :) :)

  4. hey leo from 2012 just thought i might say hi (: