Thursday, 21 February 2013

Feelings about the year 5 camp

River: feels excited about camp and getting away from school.

Lola: feels excited about camp and is looking forward to sleeping in cabins.

Nathan:feels Epic and he is looking forward to rock climbing.

Billy: feels epic about camp and he is also looking forward to getting away from his brothers.

Mia:feels excited and nervous and she is looking forward to getting away from her brothers and she can't wait to go down the water slide.

Alex: feels excited and nervous about being getting away from his sister and family.

Athena: feels excited but scared about rock climbing and kayaking.

Bruno: I am excited about everything

Coco: I am nervous about the camp concert

Sylvie: is excited about experiencing camp for the first time

Emma: is excited about the waterslide

Keysha: I am nervous about rock climbing.

Interviewed by Quinn.
Written by Mia and Quinn


  1. camp sounds like even more fun now! BJ

  2. Looks fun can i go kw